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Vegan Boxing Gloves: a new marker for sustainability in boxing

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Vegan Boxing Gloves: a new marker for sustainability in boxing

A new trend is emerging in the sport of boxing, a growing consideration of individuals' impact on the environment and sustainability.

Although, an ethical conscious may not seem to go hand in hand with that of a boxer the growing trend is reflected in an increasing demand of ethically sourced and sustainable boxing gloves, clothing, and equipment. As boxing accepts, another change to the sport’s make up, Unorthodoxx explores the benefits of vegan and sustainable boxing equipment offers

A growing demand for sustainable and vegan boxing equipment

Driven by greater consumer awareness, the athleisure industry and sport consumers are becoming increasingly interested in sustainability and ethical products. As boxing welcomes a wider audience, and sustainable products become increasingly more affordable and durable, vegan range and non-leather boxing gloves are becoming ever more marketable.

But why is boxing so resilient to change?

For years leather boxing gloves remain strapped in!

Boxing is often cited for old school methods, equipment, and attitudes. Having (relativity) only recently been enlightened by scientific based strength and conditioning it is no surprise that it has been slow to broaden its horizons to wider scientific based impact research.

Since the early prize fighting days to boxing clubs today, leather has dominated the boxing scene and is used to make gloves, punching bags and head guards. Produced using industrial cattle farming, the leather goes through a tanning process to make it durable and add in any colouring. There are many positives to using real leather; from being an extremely strong material, to being exceptionally comfortable and breathable. Many boxers see a high-quality leather boxing gloves as an investment that will las; dependent on their training use and if they use separate gloves for bag work and sparring a glove may a couple of seasons.

The tarnished reputation of PU boxing gloves

Further complicating the transition to leather alternative boxing gloves has been the previous durability and quality of the boxing gloves available.

Most vegan or ‘non’ leather boxing gloves are made from Polyurethane (PU) a material that is made synthetical to create a similar feel to its leather counterpart. The issue is that for many years PU has often been marketed as an entry type of glove which is accompanied by a lower quality from the raw material to the stitching, padding and construction.

With many boxers’ first encounter with PU boxing gloves during their first few months of training and often purchased from a certain discount high street sport retailer the PU material has gained a negative association. Thankfully, the certain boxing manufactures, such as Unorthodoxx, have realised the importance of proving an alternative for leather that still offers high levels of durability, comfort, and protection.

A game changer: Unorthodoxx’s women’s vegan boxing gloves

Unorthodoxx has responded to this growing demand by producing the Silver Justice Vegan (£39+PP), Black Mamba Vegan (£39+PP) Ice White Vegan (£39+PP). Each vegan boxing glove is a bespoke design to suit women’s hands or men who require a more compact design. Each Unorthodoxx boxing glove is crafted from a premium tough-wearing Polyurethane (PU) that offers both durability and comfort. Unlike faux leather, PU boxing gloves are 100% vegan whilst still looking and feeling exactly like a leather counterpart. Looking and feeling exactly like real leather, Unorthodoxx Vegan Boxing Range is a far more sustainable alternative for women and girl looking for high-quality vegan boxing gloves.

We all want boxing gloves with benefits

The benefits of Vegan boxing gloves do not just stop at the environment either. Unlike real leather, artificial leather does not lose its colour if exposed to extended periods of sunlight.

For those with sensitive skin vegan boxing products can be a less irritable option to be considered. Our skin soaks up 60% of the products that we apply to it and vegan products tend to have fewer ingredients and are more likely to contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. An alternative reason to buy vegan products is that they are cheaper, as leather is far more expensive.

As with all of Unorthodoxx’s women’s boxing gloves, the Silver Justice Vegan (£39+PP) has a unique design that supports the hand and wrist perfectly, whilst providing maximum transfer of power, protection and comfort. The Silver Justice was the first of Unorthodoxx’s vegan women boxing gloves range. We have since introduced the highly popular Ice White Vegan (£39+PP) and a vegan alternative for the beloved Black Mamba we have also introduced the Black Mamba Vegan (£39+PP). All of Unorthodoxx's women's vegan boxing gloves are available in 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz*.

We put all of our boxing equipment and gloves through an extensive period of testing to ensure the ultimate quality, durability and protection are attained.

Recycle and repurpose leather boxing gloves and equipment

Unorthodoxx continues to offer leather boxing gloves based on our desire to cater to all women’s needs and desires. However, we encourage our following to consider how they can reduce the environmental impact of their choices by recycling or up cycling their boxing gloves and equipment. If boxing gloves can be recycled or repurposed, then it will help to reduce the amount of chemicals used in the tanning process of leather gloves creation.

Other ways to upcycle include donating your equipment to your local charity and gyms (providing they have not been to worn out). Plus, many recycling companies will come to collect your old equipment for free. Some gyms, such as Gym Stock will allow you to donate your equipment and will recycle it for you. More boxing clubs should offer a place where their boxers can recycle their equipment to become more sustainable and ensure that their environmental impact is lower.

If you would like to get creative, why not explore how you can upcycle your old and worn boxing gloves? From transforming the leather into a new bag, jewellery or even belt. You can even create a tote bag using a spare pillowcase and leather to create a strap.

The future is bright

As the boxing athleisure industry continues to grow and diversify in its product ranges so will Unorthodoxx’s new range of vegan boxing gloves for female fighters and sustainable boxing clothing. We are listening to what our customers want and are responding with new ideas for the amateur to professional boxers. Unorthodoxx prioritises quality and reshaping the industry to not only be better for female boxers but to become more environmentally sustainable.

So let us know what you do with your boxing gloves? And what choice are you make to be more environmentally friendly?

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About Unorthodoxx's womens boxing gloves, clothing and equipment

Unorthodoxx is the UK’s first Women’s Boxing brand that has been created purely for women and has exclusively designed women’s boxing gloves and women’s boxing clothing. Our products and equipment are designed to offer the ultimate fit, protection and durability for female boxers and combat sports fighters. From novice beginners to elite competition Unorthodoxx fight gear offers the best women’s boxing gloves, clothing and equipment.

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