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Current Women’s Boxing World Champions

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WBA Super Welterweight World Champion Terri Harper posing with white Unorthodoxx gloves.

There are many different titles available in women’s professional boxing, including regional, national, and continental. However, the pinnacle achievement of the sport is collecting the 5 major world titles: The WBA (World Boxing Association), WBC (World Boxing Council), IBF (International Boxing Federation), WBO (World Boxing Organisation), and The Ring

The 5 major belts are available across most of the 18 weight divisions. 4 of the belts are issued by professional boxing sanctioning bodies—WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF. Meanwhile “The Ring” magazine has awarded the fifth eponymous title since 1922.

Holding 2 to 4 of these belts in the same weight division makes a boxer a unified champion, whilst holding all 5 belts earns them the title of undisputed champion. However, not all the major belts are available across all weights due to a lack of competition. This is the case at light heavyweight, cruiserweight, and heavyweight, meaning a boxer could be undisputed with less than 5 belts in these divisions.

It’s also common to see boxers fight at different weights. Where boxers have titles in more than one division, they are known as a multi-weight champion, e.g. two-weight or three-weight World Champion.

Below is a list of the current women's World Champions, in order of lowest to highest weight class.

Atomweight/Junior mini flyweight/Light minimumweight (102lb, 46.3kg)

WBA: Eri Matsuda

Champion's Nationality: Japan

Champion Since: 12/01/2024

WBC: Tina Rupprecht

IBF: Sumire Yamanaka

WBO: Eri Matsuda

The Ring: Vacant

Minimumweight/Strawweight/Mini flyweight (105lb, 47.6kg)

WBA: Seniesa Estrada

Champion's Nationality: USA

Champion Since: 20/03/2021

WBC: Seniesa Estrada

IBF: Seniesa Estrada

WBO: Seniesa Estrada

The Ring: Seniesa Estrada

Light flyweight/Junior flyweight (108lb, 49kg)

WBA: Yesica Nery Plata

Champion's Nationality: Mexico

Champion Since: 11/03/2022

WBC: Yesica Nery Plata

IBF: Evelyn Nazarena Bermúdez

WBO: Evelyn Nazarena Bermúdez

The Ring: Vacant

Flyweight (112lb, 50.8kg)

WBA: Marlen Esparza

Champion's Nationality: USA

Champion Since: 09/04/2022

WBC: Marlen Esparza

IBF: Gabriela Fundora

WBO: Marlen Esparza

The Ring: Marlen Esparza

Super flyweight/Junior bantamweight (115lb, 52.2kg)

WBA: Clara Lescurat

Champion's Nationality: Argentina

Champion Since: 24/06/2022

WBC: Asley Gonzalez Macias

IBF: Irma García

WBO: Mizuki Miruta

The Ring: Vacant

Bantamweight (118lb, 53.5kg)

WBA: Nina Hughes

Champion's Nationality: UK

Champion Since: 26/11/2022

WBC: Dina Thorslund

IBF: Miyo Yoshida

WBO: Dina Thorslund

The Ring: Dina Thorslund

Super bantamweight/Junior featherweight (122lb, 55.3kg)

WBA: Erika Cruz Hernández

Champion's Nationality: Mexico

Champion Since: 18/11/2023

WBC: Yamileth Mercado

IBF: Ellie Scotney

WBO: Ellie Scotney

The Ring: Ellie Scotney

Featherweight (126lb, 57.2kg)

WBA: Amanda Serrano

Champion's Nationality: Puerto Rico

Champion Since: 04/02/2023

WBC: Skye Nicolson

IBF: Amanda Serrano

WBO: Amanda Serrano

The Ring: Amanda Serrano

Super featherweight/Junior lightweight (130lb, 59kg)

WBA: Alycia Baumgardner

Champion's Nationality: USA

Champion Since: 04/02/2023

WBC: Alycia Baumgardner

IBF: Alycia Baumgardner

WBO: Alycia Baumgardner

The Ring: Alycia Baumgardner

Lightweight (135lb, 61.2kg)

WBA: Katie Taylor

Champion's Nationality: Ireland

Champion Since: 28/10/2017

WBC: Katie Taylor

IBF: Vacant

WBO: Rhiannon Dixon

The Ring: Katie Taylor

Super lightweight/Light welterweight/Junior welterweight (140lb, 63.5kg)

WBA: Katie Taylor

Champion's Nationality: Ireland

Champion Since: 25/11/2023

WBC: Katie Taylor

IBF: Katie Taylor

WBO: Katie Taylor

The Ring: Katie Taylor

Welterweight (147lb, 66.7kg)

WBA: Jessica McCaskill

Champion's Nationality: USA

Champion Since: 15/08/2020

WBC: Ivana Habazin

IBF: Natasha Jonas

WBO: Sandy Ryan

The Ring: Jessica McCaskill

Super welterweight/Light middleweight/Junior middleweight (154lb, 69.9kg)

WBA: Terri Harper

Champion's Nationality: UK

Champion Since: 24/09/2022

WBC: Ema Kozin

IBF: Femke Hermans

WBO: Ema Kozin

The Ring: Natasha Jonas

Middleweight (160lb, 72.6kg)

WBA: Claressa Shields

Champion's Nationality: USA

Champion Since: 22/06/2018

WBC: Claressa Shields

IBF: Claressa Shields

WBO: Claressa Shields

The Ring: Claressa Shields

Super middleweight (168lb, 76.2kg)

WBA: Savannah Marshall

Champion's Nationality: UK

Champion Since: 01/07/2023

IBF: Savannah Marshall

WBO: Savannah Marshall

The Ring: Savannah Marshall

Light heavyweight (175lb, 79.4kg)

WBA: Vacant

Champion's Nationality: Vacant

Champion Since: Vacant


IBF: Lani Daniels

WBO: Vacant

The Ring: N/A

Cruiserweight (200lb, 90.7kg)


Champion's Nationality: N/A

Champion Since: N/A


IBF: Vacant

WBO: Vacant

The Ring: N/A

Heavyweight (>200lb, >90.7kg)


Champion's Nationality: N/A

Champion Since: N/A

WBC: Vanessa Lepage Joanisse

IBF: Vacant

WBO: Vacant

The Ring: N/A

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