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Silver Justice Vegan

Silver Justice Vegan


Introducing The Silver Justice, our latest innovation in the Vegan range of non-leather gloves, meticulously crafted with the female boxer in mind. This glove sets a new standard with its unique design, providing unparalleled support for the hand and wrist, ensuring maximum transfer of power, protection, and comfort.

Crafted with premium tough-wearing PU, The Silver Justice is built to endure the demands of intense training sessions. Filled with quality complex layered foam padding, these gloves offer exceptional shock absorption, safeguarding your hands and wrists from impact forces, allowing you to train with confidence.

Say goodbye to sweaty palms with the water-repellent nylon lining, which prevents moisture buildup, keeping your hands dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

Featuring a strap with hook and loop closure (velcro), The Silver Justice offers a secure and customizable fit, allowing you to adjust the glove to your preference quickly. Whether you're hitting the bag, working the pads, sparring, or engaged in any boxing activity, these gloves are ideal for all occasions.

Experience the perfect blend of performance, protection, and durability with The Silver Justice. Elevate your training sessions and unleash your full potential in the ring with these exceptional vegan boxing gloves.

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