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Unorthodoxx is a Movement.

We are ready to reshape the boxing industry with combat equipment and clothing designed specifically for women by women.

As boxing equipment and clothing specialist, all our products are designed to provide the best fit and protection for women boxing and female combat-sport athletes.

Our products are developed through a vigorous process of market research, strenuous testing of prototypes and listening extensively to end-user feedback. Only once this process has been repeated multiple times do we even begin to start considering putting our products to market.


To illustrate the level of detail and the considerations that go into each of Unorthodoxx's boxing products we decided to release one of our first designs for the Unorthodoxx Training Glove. Available in 12oz, 14oz and 16oz, and in three distinct colours, Black Mamba, Urban Claret and Blue Fatale. This glove is one of our favourites and one of the first products to be conceived by Unorthodoxx. It was a direct response to answer all women in need of a boxing glove that offers the same level of protection and fit as a male has from all the other gloves that are available. Each aspect has been designed and crafted for women's training, protection, lifestyle and comfort - all based on evidence and feedback collected from female fighters.

thumbnail_Unorthodox Boxing Glove Graphi

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Want to Learn More about Unorthodoxx’s Design?

Over the coming months, we will be uploading more details on our market research, focus group feedback, independent reviews, UX Squad (Testing Team), and our unique design process. 

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