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Dressing for Your First Ladies Boxing Class: Must Have Womens Boxing Clothes

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The benefits of boxing for women are clear: it is an efficient total-body workout that can help you build muscle, lose weight, and improve your cardiovascular system. Plus, it is a fun way to get out of the house and spend an hour with your friends. But when you are just starting out, it can be daunting to think about what to wear. So here is an easy guide to dressing for your first women’s boxing class. We've got you covered from top to toe, with recommendations on footwear to our sports bras and leg wear. We’ve listed everything so all you have to worry about when you go the gym or boxing is landing that jab or straight right hand. It is time to feel confident, ferocious, and comfortable. Let us begin.

Womens Boxing Footwear

If you are going boxing, you will be doing a lot of movement. This will include a lot of running, potentially lots of jumping and most certainly bouncing on your toes – that is until you start floating like a gracious butterfly. So, two important things you should prioritize are comfortable, padded, and supportive socks and some practical running/sport trainers or boxing boots.

When it comes to footwear the main consideration should initially go to the type of training you are attending. Is the class a traditional boxing class in a boxing gym setting, is the class a traditional boxfit or boxercise class, or will it be a circuit session at a boxing gym? Depending on where the class is taking place and the type of training will impact what type of shoe you should select.

If the class is a mix of fitness and boxing then go for a more traditional type of fitness running shoe. If it is more of a traditional boxing class taking place in a boxing gym or gymnasium wooden floor go for something that will help you with your footwork and movement. So what is meant by this?

The less amount of treading on your shoe's soul the lower the amount of traction. This means there is less resistance when pushing forward, to the side or back. Sometimes, using a slighter older pair of running trainers, with a worn-down forefront of the soul, can be a great pair to use for your first boxing session. This is because the worn tread grooves that are usually highly desirable if you are going running can hinder your ability to move around the gym floor in your boxing stance. You will however want some traction if you are attending a boxing class that involves running outside, running on a slippery gym floor, or if you are attending more traditional box fit session that is less focused on boxing technique and more about whole body movement.

Now, something that is often overlooked is socks. As you will be spending a long time on the forefront of your feet do should not be surprised if your feet blister or the skin hardens over time. If you speak to most boxers, and runners, they will recommend in addition to the right footwear you should use specific padded socks. Unorthodoxx has a range of socks designed specifically for boxers which feature arch support and thick terry (double knitted) soles with a padded heel and toe area to gives you extra comfort for foot work drills. The addition of high-friction yarns in the foot bed reduces slippage and our moisture wicking technology helps you stay dry and comfortable.

If you have been training for a little while and decide that you want to become more serious about boxing, then we highly recommend investing in some boxing boots. Boxing boots provide greater support to your ankles and are designed to provide the perfect amount of traction for boxing specific foot work. Do you think Unorthodoxx should develop our own boxing boots? Let us know which product you want developing next – tweet us at @unorthodoxxII.

Womens Boxing Clothes

There is a growing range of women’s boxing gear that you can pick from, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

Ladies leg loose with comfortable leggings and shorts

The important thing to remember is that you do not need to spend a fortune to look fierce in your boxing gear. The most essential thing when picking out your clothes for boxing is not fashion, but breathability and comfort. You want to feel no matter what exercise you are doing, from skill work to burpees to beloved leg raises, that you feel appropriately covered and comfortable. We have made some suggestions below, but do not be afraid to wear what makes you feel best.

The next check point is the choice of leggings, joggers or shorts. If we are honest, you might find yourself a little hot in joggers during the summertime, but the extra bagginess may be desirable if you prefer keeping things in your pocket (like your mouth guard) or have a preference to keeping your legs covered. Leggings, such as Unorthodoxx’s high waisted one in Grey Marl, offer similar benefits and are made using moisture wicking fabric that is super comfortable and breathable. Alternatively, you can opt for shorts. With more flesh exposed you may find it easier to keep cool. Unorthodoxx has a recently released our own cycling style shorts which feature a high waist and are made from a lightweight fabric.

Both leggings and cycle shorts offer the advantage of compression to your legs which can be help if you have health issues such as varicose veins. If you have issues with your knees, you may find leggings with compression built in are more beneficial to you. As always, we’d advise you speak to your doctor for the best support on how to manage any health issues before starting boxing training.

Love your layers: the best women's boxing tops and t-shirts

Being the right temperature is hard enough as a woman. With most air conditioning units set to match the requirement of men, which is about 3C higher than what would be best for women, we are used to preparing for the unexpected when getting dressed. Boxing is unfortunately no exception. Some boxing gyms deliberately raise the heat in their gyms using heaters, whilst others actively keep it cool (or just avoid the Air Con bill). So, the best way to prepare for attending a new boxing club is to be layered up.We recommend combining a sweatshirt, t-shirt or vest and sports bra for the ultimate versatility in your outfit.

The Unorthodoxx "Honour" sweatshirt is a modern take on the original 1920's American design. With smart inbuilt design features, such as the ribbed ‘V’ inset and half moon yoke on the back, the sweatshirt design reinforces the clothing structure to maintain its shape even when drenched in sweat (eww!). Pair with one of our tank tops, made from 95% bamboo cotton, or a long-sleeved workout top, you can be comfortable and move freely whatever the workout.

A good sports bra is a must for any active woman. As the breast is made up of only 2 weak structures, which are the skin and Cooper's ligaments, a sports bra offers support, prevents pain in the breast and limits the movement. If you haven’t already found yourself a sports bra then check out the Unorthodoxx range here.

Don’t get your (boxing) knickers in a twist

Okay, so you’ve got everything sorted that people can visibly see when you walk in the gym confident, but what about what is underneath?

We recommend using either cotton or a moisture wicking synthetic material to help keep you feeling and being fresh. You should find a pair of pants that are comfy, and that are not too small. This is because the tighter a pair of pants has less space for breathability and the potential for bad bacteria to build up increases which could lead to a build up of yeast. You should also consider the seams of your pants as these could potentially rub in undesirable places and potentially cause chafing (No thank you!).

Finish the look with Womens Boxing Gloves

It goes without saying that you need to wear protective equipment – most importantly boxing gloves. Be sure to invest in a pair of boxing gloves that are designed for women's hands – that means the wrist is smaller, the finger pockets are longer (for your nails) and the padding is distributed evenly. These will features will all help to prevent injury.

Not sure what size boxing glove to wear? Check out this article.


On your way to your first boxing class, you might see a few ladies boxing in their trackies or perhaps with the full 50s look going on with their skintight lycra leggings and mesh tops but be confident you'll have the wardrobe essentials. Of course, as we mentioned above, keep in mind that boxing is an athletic sport and as such it requires a sports bra and preferably high-quality underwear. Think of it as a high impact workout.

Be sure whatever you pick to train you that your outfit is versatile and comfortable.

About Unorthodoxx and our Women's Boxing Gloves

Unorthodoxx is the UK’s first Women’s Boxing brand that has been created purely for women and has exclusively designed women’s boxing gloves and women’s boxing clothing. Our products and equipment are designed to offer the ultimate fit, protection and durability for female boxers and combat sport fighters. From novice beginners to elite competition Unorthodoxx fight gear offers the best women’s boxing gloves, clothing and equipment.

If you would like to join us on our journey, engage with our growing community and be a part of the Unorthodoxx story follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Check out Unorthodoxx’s boxing gloves, clothing and equipment:

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