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Fight Life: The Best Women's Boxing Clothing Collection

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Fight Life facts: Unorthodoxx has the hottest women's boxing clothing collection and lifestyle range.

We're fitness first, with a fashion-conscious. Featuring all the must-haves for women's boxing training and lifestyle wear. Whether you are needing new kit to get you fit and match ready or you're looking for something to keep your cosy and comfy Unorthodoxx has something for you.

We're excited to share our favourite 'fight life' pieces that you can rely on day in.

We've created the ultimate women's boxing clothing collection which is perfect to wear either in the ring, whilst training or during weigh in. Whether it is the countless hours spent training in the gym and on the road. just before weighing in and warming up or even after your nine minutes to shine (or 36 minutes if you're pro) you should always be able to look and feel your best. So join as we take you through the hottest clothing collection.

Forget the frocks it’s all about sliders and socks

Whether you're a flyweight, lightweight or middleweight boxer, we've got vegan sliders to match our vegan boxing gloves. Our vegan EVA cushion sliders are perfect for pre-match weigh-ins when the adrenaline starts to build. A flat sport sandal, easy to slip on and off and lightweight addition to your kit bag and a step out of your boxing boots. The Unorthodoxx sliders as so comfy you'll want to wear them post-match, too, allowing your feet to rest and relax after your win. Our sliders are wipe clean and embossed with the Unorthodoxx women's boxing brand logo in matte gold. They're ideal for the journey to the gym on those colder early mornings for training sessions or when going home after late-night pad work. Our Fight life socks will also keep you warm pre-warm-up and cosy on your way home, allowing your boxing boots to breathe.

Be confident in a bust up with a woman’s boxing sports bra

Sliders aren't the only weigh-in staple, and training bras are often chosen for weigh-ins, expressing physic and athleticism whilst being lightweight, comfortable and practical. The Unorthodoxx triangle training bra features a criss-cross back and comes in black and dusty grape purple and can be worn for any exercise type beyond women's boxing. From low-impact sport such as Pilates or yoga right through to other high impact sports such as running or boxing, all sports activities require a sports bra, no matter the size of your boobs. Our sports bra provides support, comfort and relief from pain. Soft with removable cupping, our training bra is also great on those slower, much needed rest days.

Shadow Box like no one is watching in our women’s boxing leggings

On the days you're ready to feel the burn, our Unorthodoxx high waisted leggings have got you covered, fully covered. You'll be squat ready in squat resistant material that sculpts the tummy and provides a full leg length fit.

For those of you who are a fan of a head-to-toe Fight Life look, Layer over our Unorthodoxx Fight Life t-shirt, on top of your training bra and leggings, an athletic slim fit tee made of 100% cotton makes it super soft and light for an athleisure look. It's also quick drying and ringable. Minimizing the post work out care and cleaning with our washbag for your boxing hand wraps.It is also designed to keep things simple and to prolong the lifespan of your boxing wraps, minimizing wear and tear from your washing machine and leaving the boxing for inside the ring. Keeping your hands protected for longer in your boxing gloves.

Live the fight life!

We've designed the Unorthodoxx Fight Life collection to be worn inside and outside of the gym and boxing ring. It's designed to fit comfortably and be functional, just like our women's boxing gloves are. We wanted to create women's boxing clothes that were a source of empowerment. That would get you motivated. To encourage women to keep going and keep working towards their goals. Because so much of women's sportswear isn't fit for purpose these days, produced to pose in rather than pad up in. As a female-focused boxing clothing brand, we wanted to do things differently. We are taking our own experiences and frustrations with ladies boxing clothing and solving our sportswear struggles through our products and production, and giving you a product that's the perfect fit because boxing is for everyone, not just for the boys.

About Unorthodoxx womens boxing gloves and clothing

Unorthodoxx is the UK’s first Women’s Boxing brand that has been created purely for women and has exclusively designed women’s boxing gloves and women’s boxing clothing. Our products and equipment are designed to offer the ultimate fit, protection and durability for female boxers and combat sports fighters. From novice beginners to elite competition Unorthodoxx fight gear offers the best ladies’ boxing gloves, clothing and equipment.

If you would like to join us on our journey, engage with our growing community and be a part of the Unorthodoxx story follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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