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A women’s boxing guide: 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz or 16 oz – selecting the right glove for you

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

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In the following blog, Unorthodoxx discusses the benefits of training using a variety of different boxing gloves weights, and why it isn't always a simple as one perfect weight glove for one boxer.

We explore the different weights of boxing gloves available, the difference between hook and loop (Velcro) boxing gloves and laced boxing gloves, and the additional factors to consider before purchasing the perfect pair of women's boxing gloves for your training.

What is meant by the weight of boxing gloves?

The weight of boxing gloves represents the amount of padding in boxing gloves - so heavier boxing gloves will have more adding than a lighter boxer boxing glove. A boxing glove should always provide a nice fit around a boxer's hand, as to avoid the glove shaking or ‘floating’ during training. Although advanced, elite or professional boxers tend to use multiple boxing gloves for their different boxing training sessions, beginners often only select one to be used to general training.

Before commencing, it is important to highlight that the following information is only a recommendation, but individuals may have a different preference according to prior injuries and personal preference.

8 oz – 10 oz boxing gloves

As lighter boxing gloves provide less padding to the boxer and their opponent it is important to consider the reasoning for selecting this option. Two main aspects may contribute to this selection. The first is age, particularly for women or junior boxers, selecting a lighter glove will provide the right level of padding appropriate to their frame. The second is the weight, selecting a boxing glove that protects a boxer’s wrist, knuckles and smaller hands is also important.

Unorthodoxx would recommend that boxers weighing up to 49Kg use either 8 or 10 oz boxing gloves for their training. In England Boxing’s junior competitions, or if a boxer weighs below 64kg then the competition will use of 10 oz gloves. Some senior boxers may select to carry out certain aspects of their training, such as bag work or pad work, using lighter gloves to help increase their speed.

12 oz - 14 oz boxing gloves

Medium-weighted boxing gloves are the most common type of boxing gloves used in training are 12 oz or 10 oz boxing gloves. These boxing gloves are suitable for boxer’s who only wish to own one pair of boxing gloves as they provide suitable levels of padding to both the boxer and their opponent. Unorthodoxx would recommend that boxers up to the weight of 69 kg use these boxing gloves for training, bag work and in competition. The use of 14 oz boxing gloves may be used for sparring by junior boxers – but this choice is often at the coach’s discretion. Training in these gloves regularly may help to increase speed and power output of a boxer. Using heavier boxing loves may also help junior and lighter boxers to build strength and endurance. In England Boxing’s regulated boxing competitions, if a boxer is above 64 kg or is a senior boxer then they are required to wear 12 oz boxing gloves.

16 oz boxing gloves

Some believe heavier boxing gloves, such as 16 oz, provides the best protection for all types of boxing training, such as bag work, pads and heavy sparring. Additionally, the use of heaver padded boxing gloves can help to build endurance in boxer’s arms, shoulders and improve cardio. Additionally, the use of larger boxing gloves provides greater padding both to your (sparring or training) partner and to your hands, wrists and knuckles. We would recommend that any boxer over the weight of 70 kg uses a 16 oz glove for their general training and sparring. Boxers at this weight may consider incorporating training sessions using a lighter boxing glove to increase speed work.

The material of a boxing glove

There are two main types of boxing gloves material, either leather boxing or PU boxing gloves. Leather boxing gloves tend to be far more durable than PU boxing gloves but also tend to be a higher price point. PU or Vinyl boxing gloves tend to be far cheaper but are also at a higher risk of wear and tear if used vigorously during training sessions. Unorthodoxx offers a range of vegan, leather and elite boxing gloves.

Hook and Loop (Velcro) or Lace-Up boxing gloves

Hook and Loop (Velcro) boxing are the most common types of boxing gloves seen in the gyms due to the ease of putting them on without the assistance of someone else. The Velcro also acts to offer more stability to the whole wrist.

Laced up boxing gloves offer greater security to the wrist and often provide more closure to the hand and wrist. However, if the gloves are to fasten properly, they often require the help or assistance of a partner or coach each session. For ease of training use sometimes it is better to consider the style of boxing training and how often you are required to take off / put on your boxing gloves. Additionally, if sparring in lace-up boxing gloves, it’s best to tape the laces so that they do become undone or catch/scratch the opponent whilst sparring.


Unorthodoxx hopes that this blog has helped to educate and better inform your selection of the right boxing glove for your weight, experience and training purpose. If you do have any further questions, please do hesitate to get in touch with us.

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