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Up and Coming Technological Trends in Boxing

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Unorthodoxx explores the latest growing trends in the world of boxing.

In recent years there has been a significant rise in fitness technology. Fitness trackers and apps are widely available from many retailers and provide users with a more interactive and unique workout experience. We are also seeing more specialised equipment being released for individual sports, pushing athletes to a much higher standard. This is particularly true of boxing, today there is a range of trackers, heart rate monitors and apps that allow boxers to track their progress and make their training much more personal and efficient. Particularly in recent months where boxers have found themselves without access to gym; technology and social media have been able to provide amateurs and professionals with the means to train from the comfort of their own homes. So let’s take a look at some of the game changers in boxing equipment.

Punch Smarter with Boxing Trackers

One of the big names on the market right now is the Corner Boxing Tracker. This tracker is easily worn on the wrist and can even be placed into hand wraps making it extremely versatile. The Corner also utilises hand gestures to navigate through the app so users can check their stats and keep their gloves on. This tracker provides live data to the free Corner app available on smartphones about the speed and strength of your punches. It also has a feature that tracks combinations allowing users to analyse their performance during a workout. These features mean that trainers and athletes alike can set their own records and judge their progress.

A similar piece of tech is the HRM Dual Garmin. This device is a state of the art heart rate monitor that has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for lots of flexibility within users workouts. It provides consistent live data and is compatible with a wide range of devices making it an incredible tool for assessing workouts. This device is easy to wear and boasts a battery life of over three years, making it incredibly user friendly and a must have whilst training at home.

New Technology in Boxing

There have been even greater advancements in boxing technology beyond fitness trackers. One of the most notable is the BotBoxer. This high tech machine functions as a training dummy for combat sports. Equipped with incredible systems, this machine has motion recognition, sensors that read athletes power and precision, and can react to an athlete's fighting style by evading their punches. The Botboxer acts as a stand in sparring partner that can adapt and push athletes to the top of their game This elite piece of technology has been endorsed by Olympians like Christina Cruz and Tony Jefferies. However, due to the hefty price tag the BotBoxer is exclusive to top athletes and gyms. However, a new piece of tech has come to the scene that has similar functions to the BotBoxer. The LiteBoxer is a newly developed product by a world class team that aims to provide boxers with an at home workout akin to Peloton. The combination of technology and live training provides users with a full body workout from the comfort of their own home. This is an ideal development as gyms are only just starting to reopen. The device is freestanding and easy to set up, it utilises lights, targets and sensors to imitate sparring. The Liteboxer has an associated app that offers its users an array of workouts led by professional trainers. These workouts are available on demand and range in their difficulty and duration, allowing for a unique experience with each use. The LiteBoxer also offers a range of yoga and conditioning classes to help with recovery. The Liteboxer is very accessible and offers great value to anyone looking to train from home.

Live Streamed Boxing Workouts

If you can’t get your hands on a LiteBoxer, many gyms and boxing companies have been providing classes online for free during lockdown. Work Train Fight have been offering free live classes streamed on their website and on Instagram Live. All classes are scheduled, and users can book on if they wish to attend. They also upload some streams to Youtube making the classes very accessible if you could not grab a spot. Work Train Fight also offer a service that allows athletes to send in videos of their workouts to be analysed by trainers who can provide feedback, making your training bespoke and guided.

Overall, it is an exciting time for technology in boxing. New trackers are offering users more ways to train and analyse their workouts, allowing at home training to be more structured. Further leaps are being made with services like the Liteboxer which could change the training scene immensely. As more technology becomes available training from home has never been easier.

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