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Get back to Boxing in style with Unorthodoxx women's clothing and boxing equipment

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

A lowdown of Unorthodoxx's best women's boxing gloves and clothing styles for 2020, blow-by-blow.

Female amateur boxing is all about your state of mind; to perform well, you’ve got to feel good. This starts with looking the business and fighting-fit. Grab your kit bag as we take you through the ultimate must-haves for women boxers.

It all starts with the perfect boxing gloves (designed for women)

Any fighter will tell you; they feel the best ringside when they have the best tools for the job. At Unorthodoxx, we specialise in women’s boxing gloves that are designed and made to complement the female anatomy using the highest quality materials and techniques.

Finding the perfect boxing glove used to be real challenge for many female boxers and fighters. The game changed when Unorthodoxx released range of women's boxing gloves. Whether just

starting boxing or a seasoned professional Unorthodoxx has developed our range of women boxing gloves worthy at every level. ‘The Black Mamba Glove’ strikes where it counts, the ultimate boxing kit. With a streamlined shape, form fitting for slimmer wrists and water repellent nylon lining that prevents moisture build-up, this is the ultimate glove for those harder-hitting training sessions. Alternatively, and perfect for professionals the ‘Elite Lady Tyger’ is our ultimate premium must-have. Luxury quality black leather trimmed with metallic orange is expertly crafted into a slick, streamlined boxing glove for the ultimate match. Similarly,

It's not just clothing, it's a mentality

It’s no secret that looking good can help with your mental state of mind. This is an essential attribute for boxing or amateur boxing. Good mental strategy and health is the ultimate fighter's defence. At Unorthodoxx we believe this can start with how we look and feel even before we get in the ring.

Whether coaching from the side-lines, hitting the road, or boxing training in the gym, our ‘Unorthodoxx Sleeveless hoody’ is the ultimate training companion. With a comfy, lightweight texture, and crafted out of 100% cotton, this hoodie will keep you feeling and looking fresh.

Prefer a sweatshirt? Unorthodoxx pays tribute to the original 1920's American sweatshirt for athletes. It features a ribbed 'V' insert on the front of the neck and a half moon yoke on the back to catch sweat and reinforce the area from being stretched out. The addition of Raglan sleeves aid movement and add to your comfort.  Check out this gym essential ideal for exercise or relaxing here.

From amateur fighters to professional boxing champions, having the correct kit for the job could mean the difference between a successful fight and a boxing faux pas. We believe it is key to have the correct kit that fits to your body shape and body contours seamlessly, that’s why our products are designed by women specifically for women boxers, so we know that our clothing is form fitting and ready for the job.

Our clothing collection has all the kit that a female boxer needs. Our ‘Training Sports Bra’ in berry red is an essential for looking and staying fresh courtside, paired with our ‘Unorthodoxx Grey Marl High Waisted Leggings’ for the complete fighter look.

A match ready for the boxing ring

With the best products on offer, we are certain you’ll be ready for the big fight. Because our clothing collection has been designed with women in mind, as well as being form fitting and safe to train in, all the products are designed in complimentary colours so it’s easy to mix and match and still look fresh. Our Berry red ‘Training Sports Bra’ is a great stand out piece, paired with the black ‘Unorthodoxx sleeveless hoody’ and you’ve got a training outfit that can be adjusted as and when you need.

Our women’s boxing gloves come in a range of colours, so you can either match up or go against the grain. For example, why not try a standout vegan piece, like our ‘Silver Justice Vegan’ gloves. These are crafted from the toughest wearing PU and the gloves come in a metallic finish that will boost any training outfit to the next level.

We know it can be hard for women in this sport. From equipment that doesn’t fit properly to styles that are not form fitting or flattering in any way. That’s why we created Unorthodoxx. Our clothing collection is our way of calling on all of our women fighters and amateur boxers to strive to always be the best they can. We believe in you, which is why we provide you with the best equipment for the job.

From our specifically designed women’s boxing gloves to our branded sleeveless hoodies, we’ve got the right kit for your bag all in one place. As well as beautiful design and craftsmanship, our equipment provides you with the necessary safety measures and fittings to ensure you can fight safely and effectively.

This is why we do what we do, so you can be the best woman boxer possible.

Happy boxing, Unorthodoxx.

About Unorthodoxx and our women's boxing gloves and clothing

Unorthodoxx is the UK’s first Women’s Boxing brand that has designs and crafts exclusively women’s boxing gloves and women’s boxing clothing. Our products and equipment are designed to offer the ultimate fit, protection and durability for female boxers and combat sports fighters. From novice beginners to elite competition Unorthodoxx fight gear offers the best women’s boxing gloves, clothing and equipment.

If you would like to join us on our journey, engage with our growing community and be a part of the Unorthodoxx story follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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